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The Times Group presents ET Now Global Business Summit, which will be in its 8th edition in 2024, is a one-of-a-kind gathering where we celebrate the present and anticipate the future. Since its inception in 2015, the Global Business Summit has emerged as Asia’s premier meeting place where global thought leaders and experts congregate to discuss ideas and actions for the future. It is an unparalleled gathering where we not only reflect on the past and present but also anticipate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving global business landscape.

ET Now Global Business Summit 2024 will bring together government leaders, opinion makers, corporate leaders and luminaries from India & across the world such as Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, Standard Chartered Bank’s Bill Winters, Franklin Templeton’s Jennifer M. Johnson, Coursera’s Jeff Maggioncalda, Bridgewater Associate’s Raymond T. Dalio, Cognizant’s Ravi Kumar S, Airbus’s Michael Schoellhorn, Economist & Nobel Laureate Michael Spence,

Our Legacy

Explore Stages at The Times Group presents ET Now Global Business Summit

Plenary Stage

Plenary Stage

In this arena, industry luminaries converge to share insights on the evolving global economy, discussing opportunities and challenges amid dynamic changes. This premier knowledge platform features leaders exploring innovative strategies for integrating business and political philosophies to drive accelerated growth on a global scale.

Innovation Stage

Innovation Stage

At GBS unfolds gripping tales of pioneers who defy norms, showcasing their groundbreaking ideas and resilience in a TED-style format. From entertainment luminaries to innovative rickshaw drivers transforming customer experience through IoT, these succinct 10-minute sessions spotlight individuals reshaping paradigms.

Industry Focus Talks

Industry Focus Talks

GBS industry discussions, featuring leaders from traditional and emerging sectors, offer unparalleled insights into topical, policy, regulatory, and transformative subjects. Covering areas such as Infrastructure, Healthcare, BFSI, and cutting-edge topics like AI, IoT, and Automation, these sessions are a must-attend for industry aficionados.

Bilateral Talks

Bilateral Talks

Each year, GBS serves as a global knowledge hub where international ministries gather to address regional and global issues. Led by senior ministers from participating countries, these discussions contribute significantly to GBS's distinctive global perspective and flavor.

Key Discussion Points

Fissures, Faultlines and Future: In Search of an Equilibrium

Navigating AI Revolution - People and Machines as Collaborators and not Competitors

Crisis to Creation: Navigating a Disruptive World

Age of Disruption: Power Shifts in a Multi-polar World

Sports-O-Nomics: The Ground's P&L

The Skill Symphony: Talent, Knowledge, Profit

Continental Drift: Navigating the Trade Waves

The Brave New World: Venturing in Times of Uncertainty

Generative AI: Steering the Future of Work

The Future of Mobility: Travelling in a Connected World

Banking Beyond Borders: Risk, Resilience and Recovery

Money's Law: Least Resistance, Highest Growth?

Skybound: Security, Sustainability and Innovation at Work

Disruption, Development and Diversification: Will India Lead the Global March?

Sustain-O-Vation: Transformation, Transition, Transaction

Scripters Of Tomorrow

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

Amit Shah

Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation
Government of India

Mark Anthony Phillips

Prime Minister of Guyana

Vineet Jain

The Times Group

Manohar Lal

Chief Minister

Bill Winters

Standard Chartered Bank

Jenny Johnson

President and CEO
Franklin Templeton

Nitin Gadkari

Minister of Road Transport and Highways
Government of India

Piyush Goyal

Minister of Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Textiles, Government of India

Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Minister of State for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship and Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India

Ravi Kumar S


Aman Gupta

Co-Founder and CMO

Aadit Palicha

Co-Founder and CEO

Abheek Barua

Chief Economist

Akis Evangelidis


Anmol Jaggi

Co-Founder and CEO

Chetan Bhagat

Author and Columnist

CP Gurnani

Former CEO and MD, Tech Mahindra
Chairman Mahindra Holidays

David Hanson

Hanson Robotics

Hina Nagarajan

MD and CEO
Diageo India (USL)

Abhishek Singh

IAS, Additional Secretary
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)

Abhishek Gulyani

Hill and Knowlton

Ada Dyndo

President, WICCI's India-EU Business Council
Poland-India Business Advisor

Aditya Sharma

Senior VP Asia
Boson Energy (Luxembourg)

Arjun Vajpai

An Indian Mountaineer, who became the world's youngest mountaineer to summit six peaks over 8,000 meters in the year 2018

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Aaquib Wani

Experiential Designer and Art Director

Abhay Johorey

Head Digital Strategy

Achyuta Ghosh

Senior Director and Head- Insights

Anil Porter

Chief Technology office

Ankur Tripathi

AU Small Finance Bank

Anurita Chopra


Abhishek Singh

IAS, Additional Secretary
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)

Abhishek Gulyani

Hill and Knowlton

Ada Dyndo

President, WICCI's India-EU Business Council
Poland-India Business Advisor

Aditya Sharma

Senior VP Asia
Boson Energy (Luxembourg)

Aryan Aswani

Co-Founder and Creative Director
Arya Associates

Akis Evangelidis


Dr. Ajai Chowdhry

Cofounder HCL, Padma Bhushan Recipient
Distinguished Fellow – NITI Aayog

Amit Khatri

Co Founder

Arun Unni

Partner and Lead, Sustainability
Kearney – Asia Pacific

Amitabh Bhardwaj

Joint Director(IT and Cyber Security)
Government of India

Arjun Vajpai

An Indian Mountaineer, who became the world's youngest mountaineer to summit six peaks over 8,000 meters in the year 2018

Bryan Glover

Chief Growth Officer
Honeywell PMT (US)

Bose Krishnamachari

Indian Painter and Art Curator

Cecilia Oldne

Founding Partner, Visceral Capital. Chairwoman, WICCI's India-EU Business Council. Chief India Representative, Sweden-India Business Council

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Economic Disruption: We live in an era of disruption in which powerful global forces are changing how we live and work. Powerful disruptions are changing our world. The gig economy, remote work, and the sharing economy have disrupted traditional employment models. The new generation is often at the forefront of these economic changes, seeking flexibility and independence in their careers.

Technological Disruption: The new generation is witnessing rapid technological advancements and digital transformation. They are at the forefront of embracing and driving these changes, leading to disruptions in various industries. Examples include the rise of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the gig economy. Frontier technologies such as the Internet of Things, smart robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence are boosting productivity growth, raising prosperity, and replacing mundane or dangerous tasks. They have the potential to do good across a wide range of domains, from healthcare to education

Cultural Disruption: Social movements and changing cultural norms are disrupting traditional societal structures. The new generation is actively involved in advocating for gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial justice, challenging the status quo and pushing for more inclusive societies. The connection between resilience, equity and inclusion is widely accepted by policymakers: evidence has shown that creating more equitable and inclusive societies is a crucial part of any economic strategy focused on resilience and recovery.

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Skill Development: The new generation places a strong emphasis on personal growth and development. They prioritize continuous learning, self-improvement, and mental well-being. Tools like online courses, self-help apps, and social networks play a significant role in their development journey. It is important to have a conversation about how to begin closing the gap between what our students are learning and what the demands of the workforce will be once they enter. Half of us will need to reskill in the next five years, as the "double disruption" of the economic impacts of the pandemic and increasing automation transforming jobs takes hold.

Sustainable Development: This generation of leaders bears the responsibility of preserving and advancing the legacies of their businesses while actively championing sustainable practices across businesses, governments, local communities, and personal lifestyle changes to secure a brighter future for the planet. Sustainability, the buzzword across the world today, will have to take on a new avatar and become the soul of every organization - business or otherwise. Businesses cannot succeed in societies that fail.

Social Development: The next generation is deeply rooted in creating positive change in society by incorporating CSR, promoting digital literacy, improving access to quality education, and supporting public health initiatives. Smart living is about adapting the fruits of technology through models that are scalable, profitable and, importantly, ecologically and socially more sustainable.

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Geographical Diversification: The prime focus of the new-gen leaders will be on a geographic diversification strategy, either domestically or internationally, aiming to integrate its products and services as a routine in consumers’ lifestyles. This will mitigate the risks associated with regional economic fluctuations. In an interconnected world, diversity, shaped by globalization and technological advances, forms the fabric of modern society.

Business Diversification: The strategic expansion and diversification of businesses with investments in newer business avenues, will enhance the return on investment, reflecting the forward-thinking approach of the next-generation leaders' eagerness to innovate. Companies are discovering that, by supporting and promoting diverse products and services, they are gaining benefits that go beyond the optics.

Workforce Diversification: To achieve geographical and business diversification, the next generation of leaders will aim at prioritizing workforce diversity, to boost job growth and create together a multitude of ideas and perspectives, igniting innovation and creativity. In times of increasing disruption and uncertainty, companies need to continue to prioritize diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) for the benefit of their culture — and their bottom line.

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